Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Prediabaid is a Lifestyle coaching system dedicated to the reversal of the pre-diabetes condition.

The 1st integrated digital system to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Daily Plan

What you eat, when you eat it, and how much you eat is recorded in the mobile app.

Detox Break

During this phase, you will focus on eating easy-to-digest foods to put your metabolism and digestive system at rest.

Diet Transformation

You will receive personalized menus to fit your nutritional needs and food preferences.

Lifestyle Maintenance

Prediabaid will help you maintain your momentum and keep you on the path toward a healthy lifestyle.

How It Works

About the Program

Smart App

Prediabaid is the control center for the new you. We combine data science and app technology to give you daily support, every step of the way. Your activity is synced and analyzed to provide you with customized guidance to achieve your health goals.

Personal Coaching

When you interact with the app, your progress is automatically tracked, in real-time, with no extra work added to your already busy schedule. Your personal coaches review your daily feed, and provide you with the support you need to keep you motivated.

Connected Devices

You’ll have wireless data smart technology at your fingertips, keeping you on track and ahead of type 2 diabetes. A pedometer to track your daily activity. A glucometer to monitor your blood sugar level. And, an impedancemeter scale to record your body transformation.

Educational Content

Each day you will receive at least one video, focused on keeping you inspired and on track.

Could You Have Prediabetes ?

According to federal health officials, only 11 percent of the estimated 86 million Americans who are at risk for type 2 diabetes know that they are at risk. But, there is good news! You can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, if you lose 5 to 7 percent of your body weight and get 150 minutes of physical activity a week. You can do it, and we’re here to help!